Implement a digital product experience where the user learns to push his adventurous boundaries.


From our research, we have concluded three main insights. We use these insights as a basis during the development of various concepts.


The target group does not live up to ‘Never stop exploring’, but the need is there.


The unboxing experience is very impersonal and unattractive for the user.


The target group is looking for added value behind the purchased products.

Target group

This target group is wearing The North Face products as a fashion item. Often because this is a trend or because they want to be associated with a certain group of people. We have chosen this target group because this is not the main target group of The North Face, but plays a very big role within the brand as of today.


In the end, we developed three different concepts. Because there is a good element in every concept, we have chosen to merge these three concepts into our final concept.

Urban exploring

Discover your own environment through gamification.

Explore nature

Get triggered to go outside and take part in various activities.

Reliving the environment

Experience beautiful natural landscapes through virtual reality.

Journeys Teaser

The combination of augmented & virtual reality provide a realistic experience.
Link with product

The purchased product will determine which journey you will experience.
Link with athlete

Experience a journey of a The North Face athlete.
Reward system

Save VIPeak points through gamification and save on your next product.

Hi, I am Bas.

Fold out your own VR glasses.

Simply download the app.

Set your preferences.

Benefits for The North Face

These are the three main points that ensure that The North Face benefits from this product:

Brand value

The target group is involved in the brand value.

Sales figures

The product is simply sold more by linking an experience to it.

Target audience

The North Face gets to know its target group better.

Benefits for the user

These are the three main points that ensure that the user benefits from this product:

Adventurous experience

The target group gets an adventurous experience that they can experience from their living room

Valuable gamification

The target group saves for discounts on products through VIPeak points.

Deeper layer

The target group discovers a deeper layer behind the purchased product.

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