Implement a digital product experience where the user learns to push his adventurous boundaries.

Based on the needs of the user, we have developed three different concepts. We have finally merged these three concepts into our final concept ‘Journeys’.


The aim of our research is to gain insights in order to map the business intentions behind the brand. We take the history, the customers, technologies and the people into account behind The North Face. By investigating these different aspects and answering our questions through well-founded arguments, we have been able to develop well fitting concepts.

Target group

Our target group is wearing The North Face products as a fashion item. Often because this is a trend or because they want to be associated with a certain group of people. We choose this target group because this is not the main target group of The North Face, but is playing a very big role within the brand as of today.


From our research, we have gathered three valuable insights. We used these insights as a base during the development of various concepts.


The target group does not live up to the ‘Never stop exploring’ lifestyle, but they are interested.


The current unboxing experience is very impersonal and unattractive for the user.


The target group is looking for an added value behind the purchased products.


In the end, we developed three different concepts. Because there is a good element in every concept, we have chosen to merge these three concepts into our final concept.

Urban exploring

Discover your own environment through gamification.

Explore nature

Triggers user to venture the outdoor and take part in activities.

Reliving the environment

Experience beautiful natural landscapes through virtual reality.


Experience different journeys of The North Face athletes in an easy way from your living room. We realize this by bringing various realistic augmented & virtual reality experiences with a challenging gamification element. View the teaser and get an impression of Journeys.

The combination of augmented & virtual reality provide a realistic experience.
Link with product

The purchased product will determine which journey you will experience.
Link with athlete

Experience a journey of a The North Face athlete.
Reward system

Save VIPeak points through gamification and save on your next product.

Trip to Oberstdorf

To make the prototype as realistic as possible, we traveled to Oberstdorf in southern Germany. We went to a height of 2.2 kilometers with a temperature of -11 degrees Celsius. Here we shot several 360 degrees photos and videos for our prototype and recorded the teaser.

Augmented reality

View the complete journey in augmented reality and experience the story as realistic as possible. Click on the interactive points and experience the story through virtual reality and sound recordings.


To clarify which designs work for the user, we have designed wireframes in advance. With the aid of wireframes, we were able to take tests very quickly in the process.


Clear dashboard where the user easily can navigate.

Journeys overview

All journeys are clearly visible within one page.

Journey detail page

In one clear page the journey is conveyed in a clear story.

Reward overview

The user can view and redeem his earned VIPeak points.



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Visual design

It was a big challenge to fully work out the app. With the combination of Sketch, Photoshop and Illustrator we have designed over 100 screens and we have succeeded in making a complete prototype. All the needs of the users and the style of The North Face are in perfect harmony within our app.



To test our concept with the users, it was important for us to develop a working prototype. We have tried different tools such as Xcode and Aframe. In the end, Swift emerged as the best option. The biggest challenge was to implement the virtual and augmented reality within the prototype.


Special thanks to

During our project we had contact with various companies. Without their help, we would never have been able to realize this. Thanks Bever Nederland, The North Face, Hogeschool Rotterdam, Het Industriegebouw, Stadslab Rotterdam, Steenwolk, De Vormbrouwers en Monsterweb.